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  Compact and fully electronic  
Control HLS
  The new electronic service lift controller by  
  Main controller  
  The main controller is accommodated in a solid plastic box. It satisfies all requests for an up-to-date controller using up-to-date available technology.  
  The controller is tested and certified to EN81-3 and machine directive 98/37/EG.  
  The small dimensions allow in most cases installation within the machine room,  
  if not otherwise requested. All elements which are necessary for a safe operation of the lift unit are installed on a strong command board. A microprocessor operates and controls the procedure. All relay functions are scanned and checked for switching security. In line current transformers control the correct phase rotation and phase failure as well as the maximum acceptable power for the motor.  
Errors are identified immediately and indicated on all floors. The programme
  isprotected against failures and non-authorized access. An update for other
  requirements is possible at all times. Extensions for further stops/landings or special options like automatic return
  are available and can be included without additional wiring.
  Push button boxes  

  Floor control
  with magnet sensors and uniform display
The push button boxes on the landings together with a magnet switch on each floor form the control. A flat cable connects the floor control to the main control in machine room. A red dot matrix and a sensor button are installed in the push button box. There are no mechanical parts or indicator lamps.
  Starting from the push button box the magnet sensor notify the cabin position. An additional input on the floor control can be used for different applications. Options available are key switches for authorized users or for switching off unit after closing hours.

1. Activation of unit
  By touching the sensor while cabin is behind closed landing door the display shows available destinations.
2. Selection of destination floor
  By touching the sensor the floor destination name flashes for 2 seconds. The destination can be corrected while flashing.
3. Up and down travelling
  After processing the correct phase the cabin travels to destination floor. An arrow indicates the direction of travel at each floor.
4. Arrival on destination floor
  On the destination floor a LED lamp flashes indicating that the cabin is coming. On arrival an acoustic signal sounds.
5. Indicators in floors


When landing door is open on destination floor X is indicated as -in-use-signal on all floors. By touching the sensor in any other floor an acoustic signal sounds on the floor with open landing door to request the user to close the door.
  Communication between stops  
  The call display panel of the new electronic HLS lift control combined with an intercom provides better communication between stops.  
  The digital transmission without disturbing background noise permits clear voice reproduction. The operation is as easy as possible through the menu guide in the display. An alpha calling tone signals to the remote station readiness for operation. You can speak without pressing a button. General calls and announcements to all stations are also possible.  
  Through integration in the existing bus system of the lift control the intercom manages without additional wiring. Speech transmission during lift movement is then not possible during this time.  


New drives BO i AG series
  Drive units    
  More economical and operational dependable drives BO i AG series with the following implementation:
  • BO 18.24 P=0,55 kW instead of AG 25.24 P=0,85 kW
  • AG 25.16 P=0,75 kW instead of AG 25.24 P=0,85 kW
  • AG 32.24 P=1.10 kW instead of AG 45.24 P= 2,00 kW

SKG Metallschneider succesive applies the new drives in particular

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